Programming at Intel

On Thursday 14th June a group of Year 5 and Year 6 students had the opportunity to visit Intel for the morning and discover the enjoyment to be had spending a morning programming!

First of all they had to try and program a human to make a jam sandwich.  Not as easy as you might think when the human doesn't understand terms like "spread the butter on the bread" and you have to instruct it in language it will understand.  Suffice to say both groups did manage to program the human correctly but there were no takers for eating the sandwich!  

In pairs the children then went on to construct a four wheeled vehicle and using compressed air got to see how far it would travel.  All the groups managed to get there vehicle to move but William and Zak were worthy winners in the end - we even had to move into the corridor as the room wasn't long enough to record their distance!

Finally, the children got the opportunity to program a rover using computer software. The rover had to navigate quite a tricky course so the children had to keep tweaking their program to ensure it reached the finish line.

We were really impressed with the resilience the children showed all morning, using their problem solving skills when their programming wasn't quite right.  We all had a thoroughly enjoyable morning and a big thank you to Intel for running this event.