Cold Weather Procedures

Cold Weather Procedures

The school will make every effort to remain open whenever possible. The decision to close the school will be made by the Headteacher or other senior member of staff. The school will only be closed after a full risk assessment has been carried out by the Headteacher or senior staff member.  We take all steps possible to reduce risks to enable staff, pupils and parents to access the school safely.  However, there are times where the risks are too high.  The main reasons for school closure will be:

1. Insufficient staff are able to come in to keep the school running safely.

2. Conditions on site are too dangerous.

3. Conditions are considered to be or are anticipated to later become too hazardous to travel.

4. Problems with heating, electricity or water.


In the event of heavy snow before the school day starts

If the school is assessed to be closing after completion of a risk assessment then the school will inform parents by 7:30am at the latest by:

  • ·Informing Wiltshire BBC Radio who broadcast a list of schools that are closing
  • ·Send a text to all parents that are registered for the system
  • ·Send out an email via Parentmail
  • ·Put a notice of the school closure on the school’s website and Twitter feed

If the school is deemed to be remaining open then we will inform you via the website and the Twitter feed.


When school closure is a possibility parents should take the following actions to find out whether the school is open by:-

  • · Checking the school’s website or Twitter feed @lawnprimary
  • · Listening to Wiltshire BBC Radio for a list of school closures
  • ·Checking phones for a text from school if registered to receive texts
  • ·Checking Parentmail for an email message in case the text system is delayed

It is important that as few people as possible are phoning school between 7:00am and 8:00am to enable the school to carry out the communication needed as above.

If it is decided that the school will open, but the road conditions are difficult, then the school may delay the start of the day to enable staff and parents to get to school safely.  This will be decided if the risks are reduced through the delay and will be communicated to parents via text, the website, Twitter and Parentmail.  The school fully appreciates that in bad weather children may arrive later than usual.   

In the event of heavy snowfall during the school day

If there is heavy snowfall during the school day the Head Teacher or senior member of staff will decide whether it is necessary to close the school.  The Office will contact parents and ask that they pick their child/children up from school as soon as possible. The staff that live furthest from the school will be permitted to leave at the earliest opportunity. A skeleton staff will remain in school until all of the children have been collected. If a parent rings requesting they pick their child up early due to the weather, and the decision has not been made to close the school, these requests will be considered on an individual basis by the Head Teacher or senior staff member. For safety reasons we are unable to send children home during the school day until we have made sure that someone is available to meet them.  In practice this would mean having to telephone every emergency contact and as this will take some time, we will only close if the situation is very severe.  If we cannot contact you, the children will remain in school until they are collected.  It is important that parents do not keep telephoning the office as this prevents us from making arrangements to send the children home.