Dinosaurs R US!


We spent the morning exploring dinosaurs and taking them on magical adventures to “volcanoes” and “jungles”. The adults suggested some dinosaurs could be found in swamplands and together we discussed what these looked like, with the children describing them as “squidgy” and “muddy”. The children were very excited and started to make their own swampland, using blocks and leaves.


The boys gathered more dinosaurs, naming each type in turn, with the T-Rex and stegosauruses being the most popular. They took some of the dinosaurs over to the table and started to draw around them. An adult located dinosaur stencils and modelled how to draw around these. She then supported by holding the stencils still whilst the boys drew around their dinosaurs, giggling with glee.

SDC11745  SDC11748


On return to their story, armed with their dinosaur pictures, the boys sadly discovered one dinosaur with “no arms and only one leg”. Together we talked about who could help him and we talked about vets as helping our own animals when they were ill. The boys decided they wanted to fix him and came up with various ideas to do so.

 SDC11741  SDC11742

Having tried and tested a variety of methods of sticking (glue quickly ruled out), the boys decided upon cellotape. Having felt the tape, and described it as “sticky”, the boys took turns to hold each of the dinosaur’s legs in place whilst they stuck tape over him. What a result! The dinosaur was then able to waddle happily back to the swamp and become part of the story once again.