Subtracting Superstars

Subtracting Super-Fun!

On Monday, the Naughty Bus drove into school and caused mayhem!

We set up our own bus in the classroom and practised taking away children from the bus.

We did lots of practical games and used words such as 'less than', 'take away' and 'subtract' to help us.

Some of us were even able to write these sums on out boards as number sentences

SDC10955   SDC10952  


We had lots of maths games around the classroom, which we used to help us consolidate our understanding of take-aways.

These included using Numicon, jigsaw puzzles and even playdough.

The most popular game was definitely bowling, which had all the children competing to see who could score the lowest! Lots of the children now want to go bowling!

SDC10959   SDC10960


Some of us grasped the concept of recording subtractions really quickly and so we made up little number rhymes to help others with remembering the order of the symbols in number sentences.

"This is how we take away

Take away, Take away

This is how we take away

To make a number smaller"

We did discuss how taking away zero left us with the same number.

SDC10962    SDC10961


Here are some useful websites you can use to help with more adding and subtracting:

www.educationcity (use your logins)