Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup!

This week we read the book Pumpkin Soup.  

Some of us ‘read’ instructions on how to make our own pumpkin paintings.

SDC11766             SDC11760

We found mini pumpkins and conkers around the role-play and some of them had numbers on them. We investigated which numbers we could see, put them in order and even had a go at writing them.

SDC11770     SDC11782

We made seed packets for the pumpkins and talked about what they would need to help them to grow. Some of us are now linking sounds to letters and used these to add labels onto our packets.

SDC11785     SDC11788

"It's 2!"




Nursery joined us later on in the week and we shared the story Pumpkin Soup together. We acted out the story with masks and props and talked about how to be kind to each other.

SDC11792   SDC11793


Can you spot the pumpkin?

SDC11794  SDC11797

We had fun exploring the pumpkins, hammering nails into them and using spoons to scoop out the middle. We looked at the different colours and size and came up with lots of describing words, favourites being "oozy" and "squishy".

SDC11822     SDC11821

Some of use used the number cards and glass beads to make different Autumn shapes in the Transient Art area. We enjoyed exploring the pinecones and twigs to make our own leaves and pumpkins.



We worked together to sweep up the leaves, remembering why it was important to be kind to each other and take turns.


What a fun afternoon!