Percy Park Keeper Welly Walk

“What’s that noise?” whispered Percy. The animals were frightened. “Don’t worry” said Percy and he started to chuckle.….“This is not a monster it is mole, you can come out now!”

This afternoon we came into the classroom and found Mole hiding underneath a wheelbarrow in the classroom. Having been worried about where he could possibly sleep, the children started talking about different homes they could usually find mole and other animals from the Percy Park Keeper story we had been reading (One Snowy Night).

animals      mole     

The adults introduced children to the term 'habitats'. That afternoon, we decided to go on a welly walk to locate different habitats around the school grounds and to see if we could find Mole a better place to sleep for the night.


We put on our wellies and coats and began our search high and low.                             We spotted a birds nest in our outside area high in the trees...

SDC12013      SDC12012

and a rabbit burrow near to our playground. Some of the children were convinced that they saw Peter Rabbit hiding down there!

This was no place for Mole so we kept on walking.

  SDC12014    SDC12015


Before long we bumped into Mr John and he pointed us in the direction of some more animals habitats nearby.

SDC12019                     SDC12020           


We saw bird boxes behind the school bus. Mr John had made these and told us about the different birds he saw visit these throughout the year. He also lifted up bark on the trees and stones on the ground and showed us lots of worms and woodlice and spiders, which were the teachers' favourite animals!

SDC12027       SDC12024  SDC12025


Mr John showed us some secret habitats of animals we didn't expect to find....we saw a fox den! Although this was empty, we were intrigued to take a look inside and spoke about why it would have made a good den for a fox (warm, hidden).

We thought Mole would be scared living in an old fox den so we continued our search for the best habitat for him.

SDC12032  SDC12033


We walked around the back of the school and came across our school pond, which has recently been renovated. 

We listened to which animals would be found here in the summer and thought carefully about why these animals would not be found in the pond now. One child said

"Mole might drown in the water", so the children agreed that this would not be the best habitat for him.

SDC12040SDC12039SDC12038  SDC12036




Back on our way to the classroom, some children spotted mounds of mud. One child thought this was a mole hole, saying

"We have these in our garden. Sometimes you can bop the moles on the nose but not friendly ones".


We wondered whether this would make a good home for Mole and rushed back to find him and the other animals from the story One Snow Night, but guess what....

     nobody moved everyone had found a cosy bed in Percy’s shed!