Bog Baby hunt

"I won't tell if you won't"

bog baby

This morning we found a letter from a little girl called Chrissy, who was looking for her lost Bog Baby.

We were confused- what was a Bog Baby? What did one look like?

We listened to descriptions of a Bog Baby and drew what we thought one would look like before checking the pictures.

“He was the size of a frog, only round and blue.

He had boggly eyes and a spiky tail and I do remember he had ears like a mouse"


Wondering why Chrissy had sent us a letter, we decided to head straight to our school pond to hunt for Bog Babies! We knew that they like to live in water so we were hoping to see some!



Once we got to the pond, we noticed straight away that there were some floating in the water! This made us so excited!



We ‘estimated’ how many we could see and then fished them out using a net for a closer inspection. After we caught them all, we counted how many we had-12 Bog Babies altogether.


We talked about how Bog Babies moved- floating up and down on their backs!

floating bog

Although we enjoyed seeing Bog Babies, we knew we couldn't keep them in our nets and buckets because they would become sick being away from the pond for too long

Bog love

   Hopefully we will see more Bog Babies soon!