Anti Bullying Week


This week was Anti-bullying week.

 We talked to the children in Reception about bullying and they came up with some things that they thought constituted bullying:


  • Hurting someone by hitting or kicking them
  • Making fun of someone (unkind words)
  • Telling lies about someone, the things they have said or done
  • Pulling faces
  • Using bad words
  • Not letting someone play our games


We talked about the fact that in order for a person’s actions to be called bullying they have to be repeated.

Falling out with a friend one day and making up the next is not bullying. Being unkind to someone day after day is bullying.


The children came up with some ideas about how we can beat bullying:

  • Tell an adult what is happening
  • Talk to the bully and tell them to stop
  • If you can, ignore the bully


Later on in the week,we thought about how we could all be kind friends. 

Take a look at all the ideas we came up with....


Sharing our toys and games with each other:

SDC11893     SDC11894


Making friendship bracelets:

SDC11897  SDC11896


We made a friendship wreath which is proudly displayed in our school, showing all of the wonderful things we do that make us good friends.




Children who are being bullied often feel very alone. It can feel as if no-one cares or even that other people are on the bully’s side if they don’t speak up.

If you think your friend is being bullied, say something! Speak to your friend, to a teacher/teaching assistant/dinner lady.


For more information on bullying, see our 'Anti Bullying Leaflet for Pupils' which can be found in the school office, on our school website and in our classrooms.