The Queen Visits Year 1!

This week Year 1 have been reading the story 'The Queens Knickers'. In the story we get to explore all the different types of knickers the queen has (there are some very special ones!)

However, the Queen doesn't have special knickers to wear when she visits schools, so we decided we needed to design and make her a pair.

To our surprise we found out the Queen had heard we were making her new knickers and decided to pay us a visit to help us. We put together a list of questions that we could ask her about what she would like on her knickers.

She answered all our questions (and we even talked about the Royal wedding).

We found out the Queen would like knicker with pictures of things you find at school on e.g. rubbers, rulers, pencils, pens, numbers, letters. 

We all hurried off to design our knickers for the Queen and can't wait to make them tomorrow!