The Exciting Adventures of Ellie the Elf

Ellie the Elf Visits Class 4

At the beginning of the week a mysterious magical door appeared in the classroom. We didn't know who had put the door there, but discovered they had left behind glittery footprints, some of us decided it must have been put there by a Christmas elf.

Friday 1st December 2017

When we came into school this morning we were so excited to find Ellie the Elf sat beside her door with a letter addressed to us all from Santa! Santa has sent Ellie to help us with our learning and report back to Santa how well we are doing. We have drawn pictures of Ellie and written predictions about what mischief we think she is going to get up to in our class. 

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Monday 4th December 2017

Today we rushed into school to find Ellie sat with a blackboard, with a message she had written on it. There was also a variety of different craft things, including felt tip pens which we all LOVE using! We discovered that Ellie had told Santa how good our drawings are and asked him to bring us some special craft treats. We all enjoyed drawing Christmas pictures with our new equipment.


Tuesday 5th December 2017

We couldn't believe our eyes this morning, when we discovered a mountain of snow inside the classroom and Ellie lying in the middle making snow angels. We talked about where the snow might have come from, with one child saying "it must have traveled all the way from the North Pole where it is cold!" We talked about how snow is made and talked about the different fun things we can do in the snow. We then made some snowmen using sticks, buttons and googly eyes, look at our wonderful creations!


Wednesday 6th December 2017

Today we came into the classroom to find Ellie surrounded by biscuit crumbs. She had eaten all of the biscuits that Miss Gillett had made for us!! We decided that we should make some more... luckily Miss Gillett kept the recipe! We all enjoyed weighing, measuring, rolling and cutting the gingerbread dough, to make some biscuit decorations. We all had so much fun and can't wait to decorate them tomorrow!

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Thursday 7th December 2017

Today Ellie brought us a bag of reindeer food with instructions on how to make it. We had to add a scoop of oats, a dash of magic and a sprinkle of love, then give it a stir whilst making a wish. We can then sprinkle this into a bowl on Christmas eve and the magic will guide the reindeer's and Santa to our houses.