Visiting Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre to explore our topic, The Stone Age, was a fantastic way to finish the Spring term!

Although the weather wasn't on our side, Year 3 really enjoyed the day, which was packed full of hands-on activities.

When we arrived, we took a stroll into the nearby woods where we found a shelter. We looked at the materials used to make it and tried to guess who the shelter belonged to. It didn't take us long as in the distance we noticed a stone age man! He looked rather odd but was more scared of us than we were of him. We watched the man as he made his way back to his home and began to prepare and cook his dinner - a freshly caught fish!

IMG 4798

The stone age man didn't have much to say, so we left him to finish cooking his fish and decided we would build our very own shelters!


IMG 4832

IMG 4831

IMG 4822IMG 4821

We loved getting our hands dirty, even Miss Deakin got stuck in!


 IMG 4823

As delicious as the fish looked, we made our way back to the centre for our own lunches!

After lunch, we discussed the different periods of the Stone Age and had the chance to visit a shelter that was similar to those they had in the Neolithic period, before having a closer look at some Stone Age artifacts!

IMG 4841


IMG 4864IMG 4861


IMG 4849


Overall we had an excellent day and it was a really fun way to solidify everything we have learnt about The Stone Age!