Robin the Elf

Today, Class Two came into the classroom only to discover a little door hidden under the table! The children were extremely excited and eager to know what or who may have come from this tiny doorway! One child said, "I have a little door like this in my garden where the fairies live,'" whilst others decided that this must be home to one of Santa's little elves! 

elf door

To our surprise, our classroom Elf, Robin, was discovered hanging upside down on our advent calendar with a note which read:

IMG 3794

Tuesday 5th December

He also set us the challenge to make a 'Elf House' to which children accepted excitedly! First we had to read the instructions using words and pictures then we began to assemble the biscuits together using icing sugar. One child said, "It's gone all sticky!" noticing how the icing sugar changed when the water was added. "It's gloopy!" said another. Take a look at our 'Elf homes' below. 

Making the icing sugar...


Making the base...



Assembling the roof...                    


Before finally adding the final touches!






Of course, the biggest challenge of all was trying not to lick our fingers!


Wednesday 6th December

Today, Class 2 discovered Robin the Elf had left them another challenge. He set the task to build a snowman! Children were keen to go and practice their new mixing skills learned earlier on in the week independently. The children had remembered to use only a little water to make the icing sugar perfect for sticking things together!